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Here's Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Expand Your Business Using My Unique AdWords Templates & Processes

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An urgent message for anyone who watched my webinar “Double Your Results from AdWords in under 60 Minutes” and now believes AdWords can deliver their business significant leads and sales… When I sat down to create and deliver this webinar, I was excited.Claire Jarrett Profile Pic

  • Excited because I built my own thriving business on the back of AdWords, and I love sharing what has worked so amazingly well for me with new people.
  • Excited because those who attend my webinars and respond to my messages tend to be “Doers” not just thinkers… People who understand that Google AdWords can deliver a significant boost to their business.
  • And excited because I’ve helped thousands of business owners over the last 6 years to tame the Google AdWords beast, save thousands of pounds, achieve huge Return On Investments and make a significant difference to their businesses..and I’m hoping that YOU will decide to join me next.

I guarantee that when you use the specific, actionable and totally unique AdWords strategies and templates that I teach…the exact way I teach them…your business will grown like never before…and it can happen is as little as 7 days.
Because I am determined to give you fast and measurable results with your training sessions, I’ve put together an amazing Premium Bonus package just for the attendees of this webinar and only for a short time. I’ll tell you more about that after you’ve seen what is in the Red Hot Web Leads System….
Take a look at everything you will receive as my latest Red Hot Web Leads Member….

  • 45 Videos, Strategies, & Secrets of AdWords showing you step-by-step guidance to get your AdWords campaign set up correctly, manage the account and optimise it, all within half an hour per week. These videos lay out the entire system in a simple and clear way so you can quickly start making money with AdWords.
  • How to Set Up an AdWords Campaign for Success Manual. A huge manual jam packed with step-by-step strategies, how-to info, checklists, screenshots you need to set up your AdWords account for maximum success.
  • How to Optimise Your AdWords Account Each Week. This huge manual takes you through the tasks that you need to do each week to manage your account successfully yourself, and is accompanied with screenshots, checklists and step by step instructions.
  • Step by Step Account Examples. Get access to examples of accounts I have created myself, along with my comments on what makes them work and how you can replicate their success in your own account.
  • Recorded Account Audits. Watch live as I audit accounts step by step, analysing where they can fine tune their strategy and improve ROI.
  • Step by Step Processes and Audits. Includes checklists for setting up your campaigns, the items to complete each week for maximum success, and also how to manage Adwords for other people if you decide to do so.
  • My Confidential Rolodex of all the AdWords Tools I recommend – my very own rolodex of the tools I use to get best results – examples of landing page creators, website optimisers, report creator tools.
  • Live Group Coaching Call held each week – here’s where we talk about the latest strategies –  “What’s changed” and “What’s Working Now”.Get your own questions answered live and chat to our AdWords experts. You’ll also receive access to over 14 hours of past calls, including bonus calls on topics like Landing Pages, Remarketing and more.
  • Get All Your Questions Answered with our online Support Forum to network, share ideas and get questions answered – you need never be puzzled about what something means, about a new change in AdWords, or how to further increase your results. Simply post your question and our AdWords experts will answer all your questions!
Act Now and you’ll also receive….
  • Private AdWords Strategy Call – FREE BONUS. Optimise your account strategy on this private coaching call held at a time of your choosing.
  • Our Full AdWords template to get your AdWords account created and set up in 1 hour. This tool alone will save you anywhere between 5 and 100 hours when creating your account, and is the main tool we used in our Adwords agency to allow up to manage multiple accounts.
  • Free AdWords Setup – only for those buying within 24 hours of watching the webinar, we will do the setup for your new AdWords campaign (or reset up an existing campaign)

AND… We’ll keep your system up to date with all the latest changes in AdWords.  We’ve fully updated the videos for 2015 and ALL the techniques are up to date. You needn’t worry that your system will go out of date as we continue to update the content thoroughly!
An Amazing 60 Day Guarantee
Finally, you get a concrete Guarantee. Get the system and put it to the test, If you don’t agree that everything is as I say and more, return it for a fast refund. Frankly, you can take this system and start making hundreds of pounds from AdWords within a week, so you’ll soon know just how amazing this system is.
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Yes, Claire, I want to Master Google AdWords using your unique system and method of creating Red Hot Web Leads. I understand that my investment is RISK-FREE, backed by a concrete 60-day money-back guarantee to test the system thoroughly (terms and conditions ).  I understand if I’m buying within 24 hours of watching the webinar I can claim my FREE AdWords Setup worth £2000. I understand that if I’ve claimed my AdWords setup then the first month payment isn’t refundable. I’ll receive instant access to log in and access my training online. I will be able to download and start reviewing material straight away.  Add to Cart with 1-payment of £297 then  £39.50 per month (+tax if in the UK) or, if you aren’t in the UK then simply Add to Cart with 1-payment of $475 then $63 per month 

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Still not sure?…here’s PROOF!
“Savings of over £10,000…”
Just want to say how pleased I am with the savings I have made after using your training. I started using Adwords in 2002, but had a lot of gaps in my knowledge. Since using your education program, taking your advice on my account review and using the tools recommended our lead generation quality has improved, bounce rate has dropped and we have seen savings of over £10,000.00 ! Graham Wilkinson Managing Director @ Hampshire Flags Click to Enrol in the Exact Same System Graham Used
“I’m not new to AdWords and Still Learned LOADS!”
I am not new to Adwords or PPC but Claire’s AdWords training was full of useful information and golden nuggets to help any business including my own get the most from Adwords/PPC. I would recommend her course/services to any business who want to generate more leads/sales online you are guaranteed results. Daniel Batchelor, Director, Addo Digital Click to Enrol in the Exact Same System Daniel Used 
“£25,000 of Work so Far This Month”
Claire Jarrett just like to put a positive note out about Adwords I’ve used it for 4-5 years already and my business has survived off it. Since doing your course I’ve converted £25k worth of work this month and I know its down to the changes I’ve been taught as its in new areas I’ve set up and I asked my clients what search term they entered. Martin Cox Director @ Oaktree Joinery Click to Enrol in the Exact Same System Martin Used
“You Helped Me Add £50,000 Per Year to my Turnover!”
Claire provided me with Google Adwords training – and it added £50,000 per year immediately to my turnover. She is an excellent trainer having all the best attributes, patience, humour and the ability to relate the training to her subjects specific needs. Most importantly, Claire has a lovely voice which should be a prerequisite for all trainers. Laura McCrum, Director, Hollywood Tower Click to Enrol in the Exact Same System Laura Used
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